Oh God..BJP minister rewrites science, says cows exhale oxygen

  Jaipur: Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani, who on Monday had claimed that cows inhale and exhale oxygen, has come in for sharp criticism both from scientists and in the social media.

At a function here, the minister had said that since cows inhale and exhale oxygen, cold and cough can be cured just by going near it.

He went on to observe that cow dung has anti-radioactive properties.

"He (the minister) is talking out of his head. He is an engineer by profession... he should not have talked like this. Don't understand it really. Cow dung releases methane, which is a pollutant. He should have known it," a professor at Rajasthan University said on condition of anonymity.

On Twitter, too, Devnani faced flak. While some talked about his educational qualification, others were very critical of his views.

One person tweeted: "And this 'worthy' is Rajasthan's Education Minister, no less!"

Another tweet said: "The minister when ill should be put on a cow instead of a ventilator." (IANS)