Oh God..Salman will boycott Bigg Boss finale, this is the reason

Mumbai: The reality TV show, Bigg Boss season 10 has been full of drama and violence. The show finale is scheduled on 28th January. The reality show has seen ups and downs throughout but apart from all this. The season witnessed a wedding too!

According to reports, it is said that the show host Salman Khan will not be a part of the finale episode. The reason behind is the member of the Bigg Boss House-10 who has been controversies, Swami Om. Salman has given an open warning to the show makers that the actor will boycott the finale if Swami Om participated.

Swami Om filled up request to appear in the last episode of the Bigg-Boss-10 which was later accepted by the show makers. Earlier, 2 contestants were thrown out of the house because of their bad behaviour. The first one was Priyanka Jagga, who was asked to leave by the host himself on camera and was restricted to be a part of Bigg Boss in future. Whereas, Swami Om was kicked out of the house by the bouncers.

Swami Om has given controversial statements inside and outside of the house. He has even blabbered against Colours channel, 'Big Boss' and even Salman Khan. Reportedly he even threatened of spoiling the finale if he is not permitted to be the part of the last episode.