Oh My God..What has Salman Khan done!

Mumbai: Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is at it again.  Th model-turned-actress has again criticized the show and Salman Khan.  She went on favour  Omji  in a recent interview. Sofia alleged that in Bigg Boss everything is scripted. She had taken part in the 7th edition of Bigg Boss.

"Bigg Boss always shows us at some level what is going wrong in society. For example, my story (her fight with Armaan Kohli) highlighted the abuse of women by men in India and how nothing is ever done about it, no matter how hard women fight for justice. Armaan was employed by Salman Khan himself in the end cementing the idea that women abusers stick together," Sofia was quoted as saying. 

"Salman had an opportunity to show the public that abusing women is wrong. He chose not to because he himself has abused women. So, what is Bigg boss showing this time with Swami ji. Is it real or has it been edited for entertainment?," Sofia added.


She went on to say, "Yes, Salman did not support me and that's obvious. One will remember that Armaan got a role in Sooraj Barjatya's Prem Ratan Dhan Payo reportedly at Salman's reference. The superstar was upset with him during Bigg Boss 7 but things simmered down slowly." 

Taking on the reality show, she said, "Bigg Boss also feeds news stories to media that are perhaps tweaked in such a way that the public start to gossip and watch the show more. We have to question ourselves really, if we question Swami ji."  (News24Bureau)