Oz captain Steve Smith reveals, "I try to learn by watching Virat Kohli batting"

New Delhi, Jan 23: Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli has surprised everybody with his batting performance during the tour of South Africa. Many former and current cricketers are considering him to be the world's best batsmen of the present time.

In South Africa, Virat remained difficult for the opposition bowlers with his batting and he played memorable innings in the Test and ODI series. Of course, Virat is doing amazing in batting at this time, but also Australia's Steve Smith and New Zealand's Ken Williamson are also giving him a tough fight.

The performance of all these three batsmen has been strong for the last one year. Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are considered to be one of the strongest opponents on the field but the captain of the Australian team has acknowledged that they are being inspired by Virat and try to bat like him. Talking to cricket.com.au, Smith said, "Sometimes by seeing the best players in the world, I try to bat like them."

Kohli's and 'Smith's On Field Relations' are not considered very good. Many times, both of these players have been involved in some debate on the field. In spite of this, Smith not only looks at the batting of the captain of Team India but also strives to learn from them. Smith said that the way Virat Kohli plays spin and plays the fastball in the offside, I have tried to learn from him. Wherever you get the chance to learn, you should continue doing so.