Pak, China, shivering.. India gets S-400 deadly missiles that shoot 36 targets in one go..VIDEO

New Delhi, Oct 5 The S-400 Triumf, that India is buying from Russia,  is  something that the world fears. The anti-missile air defense system  has the capacity to shoot down even the American stealth jet fighters like America's F-35. Let us look at some facts about the Triumf. China has already bought this system

*The S-400 missile system is capable of destroying incoming missiles, drones and hostile aircraft within a range of up to 400 km. The tracking range of S-400 actually goes up to 600 km.

*The S-400 system, called  ‘Growler’ by NATO countries, is capable of tracking 300 targets * It can shoot down around 36 targets in one go within a range of up to 400 * It hits targets  at a  speed of 17,000 km/ hour.*  Triumf is designed to knock down aerodynamic flying targets, including  targets with stealth technologies like America's jet fighter F-35

* The system has 8 launchers, a control center, a powerful radar and 16 missiles that are available for reload* The system is capable of firing three types of missiles, hence creating a layered defence for any country that owns it.* India will deploy 3 Triumfs on Pakistan  border and 2 on China border* China will start getting  systems from 2017News24Bureau