Pak Daily says India-Pakistan have not yet learned to live with each other

Islamabad: With seven decades of unending hostility, peaceful coexistence between India and Pakistan "is very obviously a distant prospect", a leading newspaper here said on Tuesday.

The Daily Times said in an editorial that Pakistan and India had not yet learned to live with each other. 

"In fact, their bilateral relationship continues to deteriorate with time - as does their ability to cause harm to one another.

"Both countries continue to engage in that most toxic activity: defining oneself against their neighbour. 

"Since the powerful hawks in both countries paint the very existence of the other side as an existential threat, and are currently directing the foreign policies of their respective countries, peaceful coexistence is very obviously a distant prospect," it added.

The editorial accused both countries of waging proxy wars against the other.

"Today, it can no longer be said that it is only Pakistan's conflict with its own demons that drives Indo-Pakistan hostility. 

"New Delhi now has an administration which is very much committed to becoming the mirror image of some of the worst elements from Pakistan. 

"In fact, the current Indian government has proceeded at a breakneck pace both internally and externally, which even Hamid Gul in his wildest dream couldn't have implemented in Pakistan," it added.