Pak lands jets on highway amidst escalating tension over Uri

Islamabad: Amidst escalating tension between India and Pakistan after the Uri attack, Pakistan’s air force closed a major highway on Thursday to let it practice landing jets on the road.


However, the country which has often been accused of hosting Ivy league of terrorism said that it was routine training.


Yesterday, the traffic between Islamabad, the capital, and the eastern city of Lahore—Pakistan's busy main highway—was diverted to an older mountain road during the two-day air force exercise, dubbed High Mark.


A report in Reuters quoted Pakistan Air Force spokesman Commodore Javed Mohammad Ali confirming the landing. "They landed on the road in this, yes. That is something they have been doing for years," he said.


The exercise was not ordered in response to recent tensions with India and the timing was a coincidence, he said.


Another security official, however, said the Pakistani military was on high alert in case India decided to retaliate for the Uri attack with cross-border military force.