Pak lying: PoK residents confirm Indian surgical strikes, bodies were taken on trucks

New Delhi: Pakistan is lying about the Indian surgical strikes in PoK. Eyewitnesses living across the Line of Control (LoC) have seen bodies of those killed in surgical strikes being loaded on trucks for secret burial.

The eyewitnesses have confirmed firing and loud explosions before the destruction of terror launch pads, a report in Indian Express said.. Reports adds that in some cases the firing took place where there were Pakistan Army camps.

The most detailed account of the fighting came from Dudhnial, a small hamlet some 4 km across the LoC from India’s nearest forward post, Gulab, ahead of the town of Kupwara. The eyewitness reported seeing a gutted building across the Al-Haawi bridge from the hamlet’s main bazaar, where a military outpost and a compound used by the Lashkar are both sited. Loud explosions were heard from across the Al-Haawi bridge late in the night, along with intense small-arms fire, the newspaper said quoting eyewitnesses. 

According to eyewitnesses, the newspaper said, bodies were loaded on to a truck early next morning and possibly transported to the nearest major Lashkar camp at Chalhana. Friday prayers at a Lashkar-affiliated mosque in Chalhana, another eyewitness said, ended with a cleric vowing to avenge the deaths of the men killed the previous day. “The Lashkar men gathered there were blaming the Pak Army for failing to defend the border”, he said in one message, “and saying they would soon give India an answer it would never forget”.

The eyewitnesses reported that Lashkar terrorists died in Leepa also. A Lashkar-occupied three-storied wooden building destroyed by Indian troops near the hamlet of Khairati Bagh, used by Lashkar.