Pak polls: In early morning PC, EC rejects rigging allegations as PML-N warns of protests

New Delhi, July 26, News24 Bureau: There were allegations of poll rigging in Pakistan elections by the incumbent Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz after trends showed Imran Khan's party was inching towards majority, saying it did "our job right." But the  Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected the "blatant" rigging allegations.The counting is slow and this has given currency to the allegations of manipulation of the election process. The results were expected by this morning, but the CEC only announced what he called was the "first non-official, preliminary result".In an unexpected move a press conference was held at at 4am local time and Chief Election Commissioner Muhammad Raza Khan congratulated the people of Pakistan for participating in the election process.Khan however, acknowledged that the delay in announcement of election results has "caused some annoyance"."We were implementing it for the first time. Therefore, there was some delay," Dawn online quoted him as saying.The CEC stressed the delay was on account of a new system -- Results Transmission System -- introduced by it.Asked about the doubts and the allegations, he said: "We will prove ourselves that we did our job right."The early-morning press conference came hours after Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president Shehbaz Sharif in Lahore outrightly rejected the results, alleging "blatant" rigging of the election, even though the vote count was under way.Sharif warned his party would launch protests against the alleged rigging. He did not say who he believes could have rigged the polls, but allegations of manipulating the elections have been made against the country's powerful military."Some five other parties including PPP have raised the rigging issue in polls. After consulting them, I will announce the future course of action. Pakistan has suffered today," he told journalists at the press conference in Lahore. 

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