Pak readies its operational plan against India, selects targets: Report

New Delhi: Pakistan army has prepared its operational plan against India and it has also chosen the targets if it decides to move first with strike against India, according to sources. If Geo TV report is to be believed, an operational plan has already been planned and prepared by the military establishments to take retaliation against any likely offensive from across the border.

According to highly placed sources, the news report reveals that targets in 'war-mongering' India have been selected in case of 'aggression or surgical strikes from the enemy.' Pakistan is all set to counter India. "Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any military challenge from India. Our operational plan is ready, quid pro quo targets are finalised and forces have been dedicated.

The sources further revealed, "Whether it is a cold start or hot pursuit, we are ready. India is well aware of our capabilities and also knows the fact that despite the Pakistan Army's participation in internal security issues, a military balance is well maintained to meet any challenge from across the border."

The source said, 'in case of surgical attack from India, Pakistan would immediately respond for which targets had already been set.'

The recent terror attack in Uri which claimed lives of 18 soldiers has escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.