Pakistan assures issue of harassment with India is resolved


New Delhi, May 4: Pakistan said the issue of "harassment" of diplomats with India had been successfully resolved through talks, terming it a "success of diplomacy".

Addressing the weekly media briefing in Islamabad, foreign office spokesman Mohammad Faisal, however, did not provide any details about how the two sides addressed the issue.

"The issue of harassment of diplomats has been resolved through negotiations between foreign offices and diplomatic missions of the both countries. It is a success of formal diplomacy," he said.

India and Pakistan announced in March that they had agreed to mutually resolve all issues about the treatment of diplomats.

The agreement followed claims and counter-claims by the two countries about harassment of each other's diplomats.

India had asked Pakistan to ensure safety and security of its officials   working at the Indian mission in Islamabad, saying they continue to face "harassment" and "intimidation".

Pakistan had claimed that there had been as many as 26 instances of harassment and intimidation of its diplomats since March 7, following which Islamabad called back its high commissioner Sohail Mahmood   for discussions on the issue. He, however, returned to New Delhi on March 22.