Pakistan election: What time will the results come in?

Lahore, July 25: With the two front-runners, PTI and PML-N, thought to be neck and neck, voting in the Pakistan general assembly elections ended with more than 30 political parties and 12,570 candidates in the fray.What time will the results come in?Voters took to the polls at 8 a.m. and it ended at 6 p.m. Votes will be counted on the spot, with results being reached in the next 24 hours.An exact time for the announcement of the results was not yet known although a likely indicator is expected at 2 a.m.However, the voting commission in Pakistan will release the results by constituency, as well as projections and votes polled for the candidates on each seat.The election results will also come in live on the official Pakistan election website: poll carried out earlier this month on 3,752 people showed Khan's PTI was ahead by four per cent.The latest opinion polls have hinted at a possible coalition with the PPP, as neither Khan nor Sharif seem likely to win a clear majority.