Pakistan grasped importance of finding own voice: Designer HSY

Lahore: Pakistani designer, choreographer and host Hassan Sheheryer Yaseen (HSY) believes that the people of his country have grasped the importance of finding their own voice. "I think that Pakistan have now grasped the importance of not just fashion but finding your own voice," Hassan Sheheryer Yaseen told IANS here late Saturday at the on-going Pakistan Fashion and Design Council's fashion week. About his collection 'Be Yourself' which embraces the spirit of individuality, HSY told IANS: "I want all the women to have same kind of attitude. Men, women regardless of who you are, you need to have your own identity and be strong enough to be able to do that." "I wanted to do a collection that was a little bit of everything. You should be able to put things together and you have to define yourself the way you want to be because everyone is beautiful. No one is ought to follow a certain trend," the celebrated designer said. Based in utilitarian and luxe fabrics including mercerized cottons, chiffons, organza and silks, HSY presented cropped jackets, safari suits for men, tunics and boot-cut trousers. When asked to compare the fashion industries of India and Pakistan, HSY said that the two were same but different as well. "We are incredibly similar, but we are also incredibly different." "There are socio-economic differences; our sense of colour, our sense of style is also very different. I respect what they (Indian designers) do but I also love what we do," HSY, who looked dapper at the third-day of the PFDC told IANS. "It is all about fashion individuality. What makes fashion incredibly strong is when you tap into what you have," he said. However, the designer completely disagrees that the market of designer wears was less in Pakistan. "Our collection in stores and what people wear is not different. I don't believe that is true at all," he said. "Fashion is not necessarily about dictating terms," the designer said. Talking about his connection with people, HSY who also hosts a famous talk show 'Tonite with HSY' said that he likes to connect with common people. "Through fashion, through my talk shows, through my philanthropy, I connect with people. I work for education, cancer, eye hospitals. This way I constantly stay in touch with people," he said. "Beyond that we are working with indigenous embroideries and crafts with over 20 different villages across the country where we have empowered women by giving them money not as a hand-out, but to help them set up business," he added. "I want to bring that craft back in the country. Why should we go and get embroidery designs done with machines when we have the craftsmen." He also said that the heritage culture needs to be brought back to light. Other countries do not have what Pakistan offers, and what other countries offer, Pakistan does not have that. "We need to focus on what we do because what will make us unique is our own individuality," HSY said.