Pakistan rattles BJP: Uri overshadows Gareeb Kalyan agenda at National Council meet

Kozhikode: The three-day BJP National Council meet that began here on Fridayand was slated to focus on party ideologue Deendayal Upadhyay's core idea of "Antyodaya" and "Integral Humanism", but has been over shadowed by the developments following the Uri terror attack.

The party said that it understands the sentiments in the country but as far as the stand of the National Council over the issue is concerned, it will be deliberated at an appropriate stage.

However, the meeting of the office bearers and state presidents was focussed on the agenda of Antyodaya and Integral Humanism.

Briefing the reporters about the meeting Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary Ram Madhav said, "You will naturally have one major issue in your minds about the situation in the country and about neighbourhood etc. It is an important national concern but its focus is on Deendayalji.. his ideas and his commitment to the poor and downtrodden. We will take it forward."

Madhav said the focus of meet will be on Antyodaya but he faced a volley of questions related to any proposed action against Pakistan in the aftermath of the Uri terror attack of September 18 that left 18 soldiers dead.

"In the past three days, a lot has happened especially on the diplomatic front and you have also seen that. You have seen the results also," Madhav told a press conference.

"Apko bayan chahiye ya action? Action hote rahenge, dekhna (Do you want statements or action? Action will continue, just keep watching)," Madhav said when a journalist sought to know from him why the BJP has toned down its voice against Pakistan after coming to power.

After the incident of Uri the BJP-led government is under pressure to "teach a lesson" to Pakistan -- with Ram Madhav himself demanding "for one tooth, a complete jaw".

"We are a party of grass root workers. So naturally we appreciate and understand the sentiments in the country," Madhav said.

Although the BJP leader did not put it in so many words, he clearly indicated that the situation emerging in the wake of the Uri attack would also be discussed during the party's three-day National Council meeting here.

"We all National Council members keep getting inputs from the people. All important issues will be taken up at a certain level, and essence of that will be communicated to you," Madhav said.

Responding to a poser that Russia joining military exercise with Pakistan is against India's claim that Islamabad has been isolated diplomatically, Madhav said, "We will wait and see. A lot of news is floating around."

During the meeting party chief Amit Shah asked the party leaders to focus on implementation of 80 public welfare schemes of the Modi government. Shah had constituted a committee on Gareeb Kalyan under the leadership of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The committee submitted its report to Shah suggesting their views on Gareeb Kalyan. (IANS)