Pakistan scared: Low flying aircraft banned over Karachi

New Delhi: Amid Uri attack tensions between India and Pakistan, on Monday night Pakistan made another gutless move by barring low flying aircraft over its Karachi Airspace for a week up to next Monday.       

On Monday night notice was issued to airmen (NOTAM) that some of the international air traffic routes withinKarachi flight information region will not be available from the surface to 33,000 feet (flight level) due to operational reasons.
An NOTAM is a notice filed with an aviation authority to alert the aircraft pilots of the potential hazards along a flight route or at a location for the safety of the flight.
As per the NOTAM, aircraft flying between Gulf, Central, Northeast India, and Southeast Asia will be required to maintain at least 33,000 feet in Karachi airspace and FIR. Aircraft on this route will fly over Karachi then will enter India from Ahmedabad.
This is the second time Pakistan has imposed an air restriction in its airspace following Uri Attack. During Kargil war 1999, Indian aircraft had stopped overflying Pakistan and were taking longer routes to and from west and Gulf.
News24 Bureau