Pakistani IS 'supporter' expelled from Italy

Rome, Sep 22  Italian authorities on Friday deported an alleged Pakistani Islamic State supporter "for reasons of national security" - the 76th terrorism suspect to be expelled this year, the Interior Ministry said. The Pakistani, who previously had protected status in Italy, was repatriated aboard a flight from Milan's Malpensa airport to Islamabad, according to the ministry. The man who lived in the central Italian city of Terramo, came to the attention of anti-terror investigators after he posted to Facebook a raft of photos praising IS and other radical Sunni Islamist groups, the ministry said. The suspect also posted messages to Facebook inveighing against the United States, Israel and India as well as images of various weapons, the ministry stated. The Pakistani posted a series of rants against women who had danced in public with other men at a party in his homeland, said the ministry. A total of 208 suspected extremists have how been deported from Italy since January 2015, the ministry said. IANS