Pakistan's 130 nuclear warheads aimed at deterring India, says US

Washington: Pakistan's nuclear arsenal probably consisting of approximately 110-130 nuclear warheads aimed at deterring India, claimed Congressional Research Service (CRS) in a latest report.

Reports of CRS are not considered as an official view of the US Congress.

It is an independent research wing of the US Congress, which prepares periodic reports by eminent experts on a wide range of issues so as to help lawmakers take informed decisions.

The 28-page report states that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is widely regarded as designed to dissuade India from taking military action against it, but Islamabad's expansion of its nuclear arsenal, development of new types of nuclear weapons and adoption of a doctrine called "full spectrum deterrence" have led some observers to express concern about an increased risk of nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India, which also continues to expand its nuclear arsenal.

News24 Bureau