Pamela Anderson helps Russian orphans find homes

Los Angeles, Jan 20 (IANS) Actress Pamela Anderson is backing the Read To Me campaign from Change One Life charity, which is helping thousands of Russian children find homes.Anderson has appeared in a video hosted on the campaign's website and on YouTube in which she recites the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "Princess and the Pea" about a bedraggled princess, who is made to prove she is worthy of marrying her prince, reports the story, which was penned in 1835, the princess arrives at the palace soaked from the rain and is ordered to sleep on twenty mattresses by the queen to prove her royalty.In the morning, the princess is asked how she slept and she replies "very badly", proving she is a real princess "because she had felt the pea right through the twenty mattresses".After reading the fairy tale to "all the orphans in Russia and all over the world", Anderson urges people to lend their support to the cause, and says: "There, that's a true story. Help me to support the 'Read To Me' project, join the 'Read To Me' channel, let's turn their days into a fairy tale."