Panasonic introduces 7 new air-purifiers

New Delhi: In a bid to address rising air pollution, Panasonic India on Friday launched seven new air purifier models for consumers to combat poisonous particles present indoors.

Equipped with "Nanoe" technology, the new range enhances the quality of indoor air by filtering out harmful particles, including PM2.5. 

PM2.5 is tiny particulate matter that tends to penetrate into the gas exchange regions of the lung and may lead to respiratory and cardio-vascular problems. 

"Atanaso Pnic, it is our endeavour to enhance the quality of life of consumers," said Syed Moonis Ali Alvi, General Manager, Purifier Business, Panasonic India, in a statement. 

The new models are available in the price range of Rs 11,995-Rs 34,995.

The new models can cater to room sizes from 283 square feet to 452 square feet. 

The new range is equipped with features such as sleep mode, child lock and filter replacement indicator. 

The air-filter comes with life up to 10 years, the company said.