Parched review

Words- Sakshi Joshi (Anchor/Special Correspondent News24)

Parched. A film that will give ur soul jitters...  A few indian critics have noṭ rated this film high (may be some have as I read only a few) But as adamant I am, as usual I went to watch the film despite such ratings. And after watching the film, it made me more convinced about immaturity and lack of understanding of most of our Critics. Or probably they are so used to living in urban India that they hardly understand the kind of commodity a woman is considered elsewhere.

I was glad ṭo see a good number of audiences in the theatre. And to my surprise I found them very mature. They all seemed to have liked the film. General audience has matured, I'm still waiting for these so-called big name critics to be. 

One of the reviews read, somehow it didn't hit the right chord within me. 
I am still wondering, if this wouldn't hit the right chord, God knows what would. 

And I'm sorry to say, such people need to rethink their abilities of becoming a critic. Because according to me they are doing sheer injustice to good filmmaking and also to audiences right to watch good cinema. 

Amazing performances. I'm in love with Radhika Apte even more. 

Women, go an watch this. It's a dark side of how every woman is suppressed by the over empowering men.