Parineeti Chopra wants to be in a bath-tub with Ranver Singh!

New Delhi: Neha Dhupia's sho is a no holds barred show and the best thing is that the aura of the show is such that the celebs go beserk and go on an all divulging spree. The same happened when Parineeti Chopra was there on Neha's show.

When asked about her favourite food, she went on and on, "Pizza is the way of living life. Pizza is life. There's no life without pizza. I can say all versions of this sentence but basically, pizza is the most favourite thing of mine in the world! It is basically bread and cheese and chilli for me and I can literally live, like Monica, I can live in a house of cheese."

And when was reminded that she loves Nutella too, she said, "It is mine and Ranveer's dream to fill a bathtub full of Nutella and jump in it!" When she was asked if she wants to jump into the tub with Ranveer, she said, "Ya, we'll be wearing clothes, don't worry."