'Past mistakes responsible for present Kashmir situation'

New Delhi: India made certain mistakes concerning Pakistan in the past and that is why the entire country is suffering even today, Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav said on Wednesday. "India made mistakes in the past. We should not have returned the land which we had secured after 1965 war with Pakistan," he said while participating in a debate on the present turmoil in the Kashmir Valley. Similarly India failed to extract more from Pakistan through the Shimla agreement after the 1971 war, he said. He said not even a single day passes when Indians are not killed in Kashmir by Pakistani forces. "Not even a day passes when our people do not die on Kashmir border. It has become a very serious matter," he said, adding that Pakistan's ISI and Army fund terror organisations to carry out attacks in India. The Samajwadi Party leader said that the common people of Pakistan do not want bad relations with India as most of them have relatives in India. He also accused Pakistan of inciting violence in Jammu and Kashmir and said that the neighbouring country wants to "sandwich" Indian forces in Kashmir Valley by misguiding our people, so when they attack from their side, they get support from these misguided people. Yadav also urged the government to demand Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) from Pakistan. He was of the opinion that the situation will not improve if Pakistan is not controlled. Touching upon the use of pellet guns by security forces in the Kashmir Valley, he said their use should be stopped and some other methods used to control the mobs.