Patriarchy hardly exists in the industry

It was the film industry which gave us the term casting couch. Today it remains a professional body where that couch has become almost institutionalized. The metaphorical casting couch is the place where young newcomers, seeking to break into the world of glamour and glitz, have become synonymous with it. However, the industry has become much more sensible and aware of its sustainability. The industry, today, operates on two parameters - project basis and skills basis. 

In the movie industry today, the word patriarchy (or rather the understanding of it) has diffused because it operates on a project basis. The entire economics of filmmaking has changed. The production team is what brings stories (films) to life. In a quest to align themselves with the rest of the world, they are operating like a business. The scripts are pre-written, pretty much the entire process from the conceptualizing of the script, to the casting, to the decor to the locations have timelines. Its all about making it to the 100 crore club in the most efficient and timely manner. Production houses don't take responsibility for the "floating" population of film crews, that are actually supposed to look out for themselves. There are trade unions that provide for various category of employees but don't really address the problems of women. They aren't patronizing and they're too busy working on timelines. Its because its cost-effective and seems more attainable. 

Secondly, Bollywood operates on a skills basis. Discrimination only happens at the casting level. Hero versus Heroine. Understandably so because Heroines have to be visually pleasing. However you don't see a glammed up Jacqueline Fernandez in a movie such as Tumhari Sulu. Such sensibilities do seem to exist. You have to adhere to the script because its what essentially drives the intention behind making movies. If for example Farah Khan can deliver two songs back-to-back and Prabhudeva can't, then its purely competency and gender stereotyping becomes a subconscious thought. Women are there because they want to work and be there. 

Thus the bias in terms of gender is a thing of the past. It existed on a semantic level before because it was a need of the hour. Women had to be at home because such was the roles divided between men and women. Today, stereotyping is done based on jobs rather than being a man or woman. It is sort of fashionable to talk about feminism and women empowerment these days. The movie industry is most effected because it reaches out to everyone. Everybody seems to have an opinion on the way a woman's life could and should be. If she's unmarried, why isnt she married? If she works too much, she's neglecting her home, husband, child and family. If she is at home, then she must be bored and lethargic. Social media, TV debates and drawing rooms have become mediums to toss around the topic of feminism just to get a thrill because men have and always just will be men.