Patty Jenkins paves the way for female directors!

Last year, Patty Jenkins changed the landscape of superhero movies with the first with female lead 'Wonder Woman' and she feels that it is an honour in paving the way for women directors in the film industry and can't wait to see what is ahead.


While giving an interview, the 46-year-old filmmaker said, "It is any filmmaker's dream to have an impact on the art form that they work in - and I hope that I do with everything that I do - and I so appreciate being honoured in any way for that."

The 'Monster'  helmer is hugely honoured to be a part of changing the conversation. "It's definitely a huge thing to realise that people haven't been honoring other kinds of directors. I think I wasn't even thinking about it much coming up in my career, but now that I see it I'm hugely honoured to be a part of changing that conversation," noted Jenkins.