PICS go viral..Pakistani model=Priyanka Chopra

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra is again in news but this time for a different reason, PeeCee who has been switching continents for her Hollywood projects, now reached Pakistan. Surprised? Well, the Priyanka Chopra who is in Pakistan is not our "desi girl", she is PeeCee's Doppelganger from Pakistan, a Pakistani model Zhalay Sarhadi, who was even once asked to Priyanka's body double. Zhalay, who started working in the same year when Indian channels got banned in Pakistan and Priyanka Chopra became Miss World. Sarhadi hosted a show back then and everyone thought it was Priyanka from India. It was the time Sarhadi came into the limelight. 

In an interview given to the media, Zhalay revealed that one of her co-actor who was Indian sent her picture to his friends and agents as a joke. On which agents asked him, Who is she? Priyanka ki cousin aisi toh nahin hai. After this incident, she was approached to be a body double for Priyanka, for which she really felt offended.    

Take a look at some of Zhalay Sarhadi's pictures here:


Showed this ​to mom & almost fooled her hahaha! @navpreetbanga,this is uncanny​ but #MomKnowsBest#Doppelganger

— PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) July 14, 2016


On the work front, Priyanka Chopra, who is currently in the New York City for the third season American show Quantico. Zhalay Sarhadi is not the alone PeeCee Doppelganger, in fact, we also have a 21-year-old Canada based fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga who looks like our 'Desi Girl'.