Plane Hijack: Things to keep in mind

New Delhi: The hijack of EgyptAir flight MS181 has split the world apart with many speculating the reason behind the act of terrorism. However one thing is for sure, it can happen to any flight.
So how do we prepare ourselves for a crisis like this?
During a hijack, it's often the fear of uncertainty that overpowers the grey cells of the brain and reduces the rational thinking ability of the mind. Hence here are some of the pointers one must keep in mind to tackle hijacking:
Stay Calm
First and foremost, one must stay calm and not allow the fear to encapsulate the positivism of hope. Taking deep breaths can reduce the scare and allow you to think rationally as to what's about to follow.
Help the co-passengers
When there is widespread panic in the cabin, the primary job of every passenger is to comfort the co-passenger, without drawing much attention. Help should be extended to ailing passengers, old flyers and those who are at the verge of an anxiety attack. However, all of this should be administered without distracting the attention of the hijackers.
Try to ascertain the cause  
There are two kinds of hijacking, suicidal and the political. As passengers, its your duty to find out the nature of the act of terrorism. If its a political bargain, then the chances of surviving the hijack are high, as the culprits have no personal enmity with any passenger. However, in the case of suicidal hijacking, when you know the chances of survival rate are minimal or negligent, you should act with responsibility.
Do not show resistance
Resistance can act as a form of foolishness in such cases. If the hijacker asks you to reveal the identity, then one must do so. Obeying to the demands of the hijackers is not a cowardly act. It rather exerts the fact that you value the lives of your fellow passengers and know that any form of resistance would threaten the existence of the rest. 
Presence of mind
Although hijacking is not a common phenomenon, yet it can happen to you. Thus, one must have a presence of mind. Be vigilant about the activities happening around you and act accordingly. Don't take any decisions in haste. One mistake can cost you the lives of hundreds. 
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