PM Modi is MOST HONEST leader in the world!

New Delhi: A survey by Forbes puts India on top of the list of countries with the most confidence and trust in their Government. According to a report by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) the people of India trust their government the most. India tops this survey. Therefore the Modi government is the most trusted in the whole world. 

This should not come as a major surprise with the type of response seen whenever the Prime Minister addresses his people, both in India and abroad.

The international organisation works with governments to understand the social, environmental and economic changes. The other 14 names which appear in the list are Canada, Turkey, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, United States,Spain,France, Brazil, South Korea, Greece.

The BJP got a massive and decisive mandate in the 2014 general elections and interestingly its mass appeal has not waned despite some big decisions which the Opposition thought were sure to backfire.

It was this mandate that encouraged the BJP coalition in the center to take a major decisions like demonetisation and GST which were like walking on a double-edged sword.