PM Modi's Diwali gift for South Korean President is traditional Modi jackets

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Oct 31: PM Modi has sent wonderful Modi jackets to the South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the beaming Prez shares some fabulous pictures.

There are a series of tweets today from South Korean President Moon Jae-in for Prime Minister Narendra Modi; all are heartfelt thanks-giving tweets for the Indian PM.President Moon Jae-in is thanking PM Modi for a set of “gorgeous” traditional Indian half-vests that the Prime Minister had sent over.

A series of tweets follow and Moon writes, “Prime Minister @narendramodi of India sent me some gorgeous garments. These are modernized versions of traditional Indian costume, known as the ‘Modi Vest’, that can also be worn easily in Korea. They fit perfectly”The Korean President has uploaded photos of him wearing the jackets and have said that they "fit great.""This is a Modi jacket modified from a traditional Indian outfit so that it can be worn with ease in South Korea too," Moon said in the message. "During my visit to India, I told Prime Minister Modi that what he was wearing looked great, and he sent me some exactly my size. I thank him for his great kindness."The sleeveless vests are now more famous as the Modi jackets because they have become synonymous to PM Modi. PM Modi loves wearing these jackets.These jackets are more popular as Nehru jackets which have taken the name from the first prime minister Pt, Jawaharlal Nehru's name. Pd Nehru loved jackets of this cut and he was appreciated for his great sartorial sense and style.later PM Modi also wore these and the Nehru jackets became Modi jacket.Former J-K CM Omar Abdullah aptly tweeted, "Its really nice of our PM to send these but could he not have sent them without changing the name? All my life I've known these jackets as Nehru jackets and now I find these ones have been labeled Modi Jacket. Clearly, nothing existed in India before 2014."

Saratorial politics apart, the South Korean President looks great adorning them