Police inch closer to Honeypreet's arrest, driver arrested

New Delhi, Sep 15: The police forces are getting closer to arresting the prisoned self acclaimed god-man and rapist Ram Rahim's accomplice Honeypreet, whom he called his 'Angel Daughter'. Well, the 'daughter' had disappeared the moment baba was put behind bars. And the police is on a search out for this glamours and controversial women Honeypreet wo is supposed to be very close to Ram Rahim and is in the know-how of the entire modus operandi of the sex-addict baba and his nefarious an dubious work.

According to the sources Honeypreet may be arrested anytime now, it is just a matter of time. Her trusted driver has already been arrested from Rajastahn and is supposed to be giving important leads to the police.

With Honepreet's arrest many more skeletons will be stumbling out from the Baba's cupboard. Media is keeping a close watch on this. Police believe that Honepreet had an important role to play in inciting riots in Haryana and was also working on a plan to help Ram Rahim escape from the custody.