Poor JIO NETWORK is worrying you..this TRICK will help you get 4G speed

New Delhi: Many Jio users are facing signal problems. This problem can be rectified by changing few settings.  Tele verification is mandatory for all Jio users. For this users will have to call on 18008901977.  While calling if hear ‘You number is not ready verification’, then you will have to wait for a message. It is only when you get the tele verification message that you can make calls.

1. You must also know whether you smartphone supports 4G VoLTE. For this you can visit
 http://willmyphonework.net/. Jio signal support 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz in India.

2. The LTE setting of your may be altered. For this choose Settings => Mobile Networks => Preferred Network Type => LTE. If you have a dual SIM phone, then it is possible one slot does not support 4G, in such situation put the 4G SIM in the first slot.

3. If your phone is getting signals, but net is not working then you will have to perform a Ping-ON test by following the steps given below
-Dial *#*#4636 #.# USSD code
- You will see Phone Info option, click on it
- Now click on Run Ping Test, remember radio option should be ON
- Restart your smartphone

4. If the problem persists, then select the network manually. For this select WDMA in
Settings => More Networks => Mobile Network => WCDMA

5. If you are getting internet or calling error despite full signal, then switch off your mobile data. For this go to Settings => Mobile Networks => Jio 4G => Cellular Networks. In case data was already off, then go to Setting => mobile network => network operators => search network => Jio 4G. Choose 4G. Once you get the message 'Registered on Network', you can start using your SIM again.