Portuguese TV network demands apology from Cristiano Ronaldo

Lisbon: Portugal's Correio da Manha TV channel has demanded an official apology from football star Cristiano Ronaldo after he threw the microphone of one of its journalists in a lake. The director of information of the station, Carlos Rodrigues, on Wednesday said that Ronaldo's attitude was very dangerous and, in his opinion, shames the whole nation, because the images have went around the world which is not exemplary, EFE news reported. Rodrigues said that the least the network deserves is a formal apology by the Portuguese Football Federation and Ronaldo who, as captain, has an institutional role. During the team's morning walk, accompanied by the press without any restrictions, one of the journalists approached the Real Madrid forward to ask if he was ready for the match on Wednesday against Hungary in group F of Euro 2016. Ronaldo did not respond and snatched the journalist's microphone and threw it into the water without saying a word.