Priyanka Chopra's hot reply to haters!

New Delhi,Feb 21: There was a lot of hue and cry when Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister Narendra Modi over her choice of dress. The length of any outfit plays a crucial role in India and it may make you the victim of trolls as well. Priyanka Chopra faced all the wrath over her outfit with utmost calm and compose. 

The Desi Girl is in the middle of yet another controversy and this time over wearing an immodest frock in a calendar of the Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC). Congress legislators including Nandita Das and Rupjyoti Kurmi raised objections during the ongoing session of the Assam legislative assembly to the photograph and demanded that she be removed as the brand ambassador of Assam tourism.

Priyanka has yet to comment over the issue however her fans are widely sharing a comment she made recently while speaking to Harper’s Bazaar. When asked if she takes into account the responses of trolls, Priyanka said, “There is no way I would have had an almost 20-year career if I was sensitive to that. I am not even sensitive to people’s opinions. I live my life for myself and for the people I care about. There is no way in the world that you will be able to please everyone. Someone or the other will always have a problem with something or the other that you have done, so why bother. Especially with the internet, somebody is sitting behind the anonymity of their computer and having an opinion, how does it matter?”