Priyanka is very ANGRY, Salman did this!

Mumbai: Most of the Bollywood was present in New York for the IIFA 2017, while our 'desi girl', who stays mostly in the US, gave IIFA a miss. In fact, Priyanka Chopra flew back to India on the pretext of promoting her Marathi production Kaay Re Rascalaa, and after that, she went on a birthday vacation. Officially, 'taking a break' was the reason why PeeCee didn't attend the IIFA. But, that, as we know now, may not be the truth.

The real reason, reports suggest, is money. It's not that Priyanka is money minded, but then she a truly global star at the moment and commands a certain price. When the IIFA organisers approached her in January, they did not offer her the kind of money she wanted.

She was supposed to host a segment in that money. What proved to be the last straw was that PeeCee found out that a male superstar was being paid much more for just appearing at the show. Peeved Priyanka then walked out. Guess what, this male superstar was none other than our Bhaijaan Salman Khan, rumours say! News24Bureau