Priyanka shares Anushka's LOVE!

New Delhi, Oct 27: It is no surprise that many in Bollywood have a limitless love for animals. Where, many support campaigns to protect animal rights, others spread awareness about animal safety and welfare in some way or the other!

According to the recent reports, Priyanka Chopra has been keen on making a children's film on stray dogs. Unfortunately, PeeCee stated that she was not able to finalize the movie on a leading actress due to their 'demands'.


Since, everyone is aware of Anushka Sharma's love for animals, in a media confrontation, she was asked if she was approached for the movie, Anushka denied.

However, she did impress and cheer Priyanka by saying that it was great that PeeCee is making a movie on this, hoping she finds the right audience. Anushka went on to justify that she only takes up a film for "creative satisfaction" and that her love for animals is a "separate thing altogether". She also revealed that screentime is not the only parameter for her to give her nod to a film.