Priyanka to get her BFF in Hollywood!

New Delhi: Former Miss World and versatile actor, who has made her essence vivid in the world of acting, will be seen in two upcoming Hollywood movies named 'A Kid Like Jake' and 'Isn't It Romantic'. Meanwhile, it looks like one of her closest friends, Mubina Rattonsey who is a producer and writer, will be soon working with the 'Baywatch' director, Seth Gordon.

Director Gordon recently had directed Baywatch which featured A-listers like Dwayne Johnson, Zac Effron and Priyanka Chopra. However, Mubina has worked a producer for movies like Kaminey, Before the Rains, Urumi and Tahaan. 

One of the reports suggests “Mubina has been staying in Los Angeles for the last few months as she’s very keen to produce a Hollywood film and has been chilling out with Priyanka a lot. They go back years when Shahid Kapoor and PC were dating each other. While Mubina still remains a friend of Shahid, she became closer to Priyanka over the years. Mubina is one constant friend of the actress who has seen her through her highs and lows. It was Priyanka who introduced her BFF to Seth Gordon on the sets of Baywatch and put in a good word for her. Mubina accompanied PC to the Baywatch premier at Miami this year in May and has been constantly in touch with Seth. Everybody knows that PC is one of the most loyal friends to have who has stood by all her friends and is there for them whenever they need her. For her to talk to Seth on behalf of Mubina was just a small thing for her.”

It has been also reported that Seth has finally signed Mubina's production Tulia: Store of Notorious Racial Injustice Case, which is based on a true story. Mubina's upcoming movie revolves around a young Indian female lawyer who fights fearlessly a war for the rights of the accused who has been arrested and the rumors state that Priyanka is signed up for the role.

However, when asked Mubina about Priyanka's casting in the film, she stated: “I’d be happy to give you a detailed update on the film in a month’s time, as the project takes more shape.”