Protest against Pak in PoK: ‘ Pakistan Army is butcher of Kashmiris’, shout protestors

Muzzafarbad (PoK): Residents of Kotli, (PoK) recently took to the streets to protest against the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army and ISI. The angry mob raised slogans such as "Butcher of Kashmiris, Pakistan Army", "Dogs are more loyal than ISI".
The agitation was launched against extra-judicial killings, fake encounters and brutalities committed on leaders, who disagree with the Pakistan State.

The protesters demand an independent investigation into the murder of Arif Shahid, a major Kashmiri nationalist leader, chairman of the All Parties National Alliance (APNA), and president of the  Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Council (JKNLC). Shahid fought tooth and nail against Pakistan's oppression in PoK before he was shot outside his residence in Rawalpindi on May 14, 2013. He was 62. The ISI is blamed for conspiring and executing Shahid's murder.