“Putin, Trump may have poisoned Hillary”

New Delhi : World acclaimed neuropathologist, Dr Bennet Omalu, has baffled the world with his claim that Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned by Donald Trump and  Vladimir Putin. Dr Omalu claims that it may have been poison that made Hillary ill after a 9/11 service recently. However, Hillary herself had said she had pneumonia
But, the Nigerian doctor went on to warn Hillary via  Twitter.
Dr Omalu tweeted  "I must advice the Clinton campaign to perform toxicologic analysis of Ms.' Clinton's blood.
"It is possible she is being poisoned.
I do not trust Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. With those two all things are possible.
— Bennet Omalu (@bennetomalu9168) 
Dr Omalu is no ordinary doctor. He is referred to as the “world’s leading expert in forensic pathology and forensic neuropathology”. He came into limelight after he proved a link between concussions sustained by American Football players and long term brain disorder CTE.
In fact, Will Smith played Dr Omalu in the Hollywood flick on Dr Omalu’s life titled ‘Concussion’.