Quality of TV reality shows fading away: Jaspinder Narula

Mumbai: Bollywood playback singer Jaspinder Narula is not impressed with the reality show culture prevalent in India at the moment, and says it has gone over the top.

She added that she prefers to maintain her distance from such shows as she "doesn't want to encourage the children for the wrong path".

Jaspinder said, "Reality shows... I think it's too much and I think channels have done it so much now. After 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa', all the channels are doing the same thing. I feel the quality is fading away. One or two kids at times are good (on the show), but then they are busy working and their practice goes for a toss.

"Then they all get into the cycle of money and fame. I don't agree to all this because it's a bit too much."

Asked if this is why she is keeping a distance from reality shows, she said: "You just said that. I am not fond of sitting there and encouraging the children to pursue the wrong path. I will never encourage children for the wrong path. I am sorry, I am not for that. I want children to first study hard.

"I think these are not the children... These are the parents who want their kids to earn and see them on TV. My advise is first let them grow up. Children should not be deprived of their childhood... Let them be children and (let them) stay away from politics (in shows)," she added.

Meanwhile, the "Pyaar toh hona hi tha" singer has lent her voice for a Punjabi song "Maut - In Search Of Love". She says even non-Punjabis will love the track.

"It's a beautiful melody. It's a romantic number with little sadness... Even if you are not a Punjabi, you will like it, I can assure you on that. It has a lot of depth."