Radhe Ma sat on SHO's chair, Delhi Police initiates an inquiry

New Delhi, Oct 5: Can India's obsession with god men and god women ever be over? Specially now when a number of self acclaimed god men are cooling their heels inside jails. How else will you explain then when the self-styled god woman Radhe Ma was welcomed at Vivek Vihar police station in Delhi. Yes, it certainly was a warm welcome as she was then seen sitting on chair of SHO.

According to latest updates Delhi Police has initiated an inquiry into the incident where Radhe Ma is seen sitting on SHO's chair at VivekVihar Police Station.

Not long The Bombay High Court had asked police to record the statement of a city resident who had alleged that self-styled godwoman Sukhwinder Kaur alias Radhe Maa had instigated her in-laws to harass her for dowry.