Rahul beats Modi on Twitter...Twitterati dancing to RaGa tunes

New Delhi, Dec 19: Well it seems 'Achhe Din' are here for Congress President Rahul Gandhi, and that too at the cost of immensely popular PM Narendra Modi. In, what looks like a Rahul Wave, RaGa has beaten tec savvy PM Modi on Twitter. You may not believe it, but that is the truth. Rahul's aggressive campaigning resulting in major electoral victories for Congress over the past few months, is making Congress president a hit with Twitterati.Though PM Modi continues to be most followed celebrity in the world, Rahul's Twitter activities are soaring exponentially. In terms of following PM Modi with 44.7 million followers has a massive lead over Rahul's growing number of followers at 8.09 million. However, in terms of engagements, Rahul is way ahead.  Rahul's growing popularity on Twitter is indicated by parameters like ‘retweets per tweet’, ‘replies per tweet’ and ‘likes per tweet’. These are important factors to judge influence on Twitter. And, on these criteria, Rahul has beaten PM Modi since January 2017, said a report by Times of India. In terms of number of tweets, both are on the same level. PM usually posts on government decisions, foreign relations, among other topics. Meanwhile, the Congress President picks up issues like plight of farmers, jobs and economy, topics which attract a lot of attention. Though PM avoids personal attacks, Rahul often takes on PM Modi on Twitter.    Retweets per Tweet: PM Modi less than 4,000. Rahul over 8,000Likes per Tweet: PM Modi gets over 15,000. Rahul gets an average of 30,000Replies per Tweet: Rahul manages over 3,500, while it is 1,000 for PM ModiTopics:Rahul GandhiJobs: 1 out of 46Infrastructure: 1 out of 106  Farmers: 1 out of 17PM ModiJobs: 1 out of 462Infrastructure: 1 out of 64  Farmers: 1 out of 33The Twitter trends are a reflection of the change in strategy by Rahul after the 2014 humiliation in Lok Sabha polls. Not only Rahul is using social media effectively, but is also seen as an active participant on politically sensitive issues. Recent wins in Chhattisgarh, MP and Rajasthan, apart from other electoral gains in last few months are being seen as a result of changed strategy.  As the new plan of action is paying rich dividends, Congress has set up digital war rooms in all states in the of the 2019 elections. “We have a (social media) unit in every state and now we are going down to districts. Since it’s digital, everybody is already connected. Everybody has data on their phone and everything is managed through the state teams,” Congress’ social media department head Divya Spandana told PTI.News24 Bureau

Photo: Google