Rahul calls Yogi 'Chaupat Raja'

New Delhi,Oct 3: Day before his trip to Amethi, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi poked fun at UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for omission of Taj Mahal from the UP tourisim spots list.  "Useless ruler of a town plunging into darkness", is how Rahul described Yogi for the Taj fiasco.

    Tweeting in Hindi, Rahul said, "The sun doesn't lose any of its brightness if you fail to point a candle at it. It is this kind of rule that (poet) Bhartendu (Harishchandra) was referring to when he coined the phrase 'andher nagri, choupat raja' (useless ruler of a town plunging into darkness)".

Earlier on Tuesday, the opposition had called the Yogi government communal for ommiting Taj from the toursim list of UP. Last year, Yogi had said,"Taj Mahal...did not reflect Indian culture".