Rahul Gandhi likely to take charge as Congress President soon

The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is likely to take the charge of Congress as its President in the next few weeks, said top sources. The elevation of the 45-year old will be part of a major reshuffle with new faces set to be appointed on senior posts.

The reshuffle will come in the wake of recent Assembly election where the Congress was exiled in crucial states, revealed the sources. Earlier, top party leaders had urged for an overhaul to improve the ongoing situation in the party. Digvijaya Singh had even remarked that the party needed surgery.

Rahul Gandhi led the campaign for the general election in 2014 which ended with the Congress bagging a mere 44 seats - its worst-ever showing. Since then, the party has lost a series of polls.

Party leaders feel it's time for Rahul Gandhi to formally take charge- and with it, potentially, accountability. Sonia Gandhi, 69, has been Congress President since April 1998.