Rahul Gandhi says he won't let PM sleep until all farms loans waived

New Delhi, Dec 18:  Congress president Rahul Gandhi holds an impromptu press conference outside Parliament house. Flanked by Ghulam Nabi Azad and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Congress president said he would keep the government awake till it gave loan waivers to farmers."We will not let PM Modi sleep till he waives off loans of farmers, all opposition parties will unitedly demand this. Till now PM has not waived off a single rupee of farmers.  "It took our state government hours to waive loans of farmers, the opposition will force Narendra Modi govt to waive farm loans. Modi government waives loans of only rich people. Money of farmers and small shopkeepers is being stolen by the government," he said.

Rahul Gandhi assured India's farmers that their welfare will be looked after. "People have been lied to, farmers & small traders are being looted. Demonetization is the biggest scam in the world."JPC, Rafale, farm loan waivers, demonetization, typo errors will soon emerge in everything. ON Sajjan Kumar's conviction, Gandhi said, "I have made my position on the riots very clear, and I have said this before. This press conference is about the farmers of the country and that Mr Modi refuses to waive off even 1 rupee of loan."

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