Rail Budget is history! History of Rail Budget

New Delhi: Rail budget has been derailed! There will be no separate Rail Budget from next year. Modi Government has decided to merge Rail Budget with the General Budget from 2017.
As Rail Budget gets confined to Rail Museum, let's look at the history of Rail Budget.
First-ever Rail Budget


Separate Rail Budget was  first presented in 1924. It was separated from General Budget on the recommendations of a 10-member panel headed by British economist William Mitchell Acworth in 1921.  
First Rail Budget in Independent India
 John Mathai was the first rail minister of India. In November 1947 Mathai presented the first Rail Budget of Independent India.
First live telecast of Rail Budget
It was on March 24, 1994, that Rail Budget was telecast live for the first time. Lalu yadav was the rail minister.
First woman rail minister 
Current CM of West Bengal and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee was the first woman rail minister of India. She was rail minister in 2000.
Minister who presented most Rail Budgets
Late Jagjivan Ram presented Rail Budget 7 times. The maximum so far.