Rajnath on NRC: There is no question of discrimination

New Delhi, August 3, News24 Bureau: National Register of Citizens Draft issue is in headlines ever since the list has been released. Therefore Home Minister Rajnath Singh also a statement in the Rajya Sabha on the National Register of Citizens. He reiterated that the NRC was a draft and not a final list and everyone who was not on the list would get a chance to prove their citizenship. While BJP President Amit Shah could not put his entire point of view, HM Rajnath Singh was allowed to make the speech without any disruptions from the Opposition benches.Here are the 10 points from Home Minister Rajnath Singh's speech:1. The procedure of the NRC started in 1985 through the Assam accord when the late Rajiv Gandhiji was the PM. The decision to update was taken by Dr Manmohan Singhji in 2005.2. The Home Minister said there is no question of any discrimination against anyone who did not make the list. He also reiterated that no coercive action will be taken against anyone.3. "People can still file their documents and I assure everyone that the procedure is and will be fair and objective, " said the HM.4. "The whole procedure of the NRC Assam was undertaken under the supervision of the Supreme Court. I would like to repeat that its a draft and not final, everyone will get chance to appeal. It's a totally fair process. Unwarranted accusations are unfortunate," he said.5. "Indian citizens who have come to Assam from other states will be allowed to prove their citizenship. They will be get a chance to prove they are Indians," Rajnath Singh said.6. There is an attempt to provoke communal disharmony in the state, he said.7. "It is unfortunate that some people are spreading lies. We will ensure peace is not disturbed in Assam. All parties should cooperate on this," he said.8. Rajanth Singh said it was natural for a country to want to know who are its citizens who are migrants. Every country wants to keep a tab on migrants.9. Addressing Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, Rajnath Singh said the 40 lakh people left out of the NRC are individuals, not families.10. He said that according to the guidelines, everyone will get a chance to apply for citizenship