Rakhi Sawant’s controversy update: A skimpy black dress with Modi imprints

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant, infamous for turning heads mostly through controversial means, is at it again.


Having the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi pasted all over her skimpy black dress, she walked right into the pre-Independence Day Function in Illinois, organized by the Federation of Indian Americans.


She was out of the news for quite some time now and what better than to leverage the attention Indian Prime Minister gets to stage her comeback.

In past time, she had been very vocal about her admiration for the PM but this time, she may have gone a bit too far to express her veneration.


The pictures, which seem to be placed strategically to express certain deductions, evoked many strong reactions from people feeling that it was an insult to the Prime Minister.


We have no idea what Rakhi Sawant aimed to achieve with her dress, but she did manage to capture a lot of eyeballs.