Ram Rahim-Honeypreet were planning a LOVE child

New Delhi, Sep 25: This may be one of the biggest secrets disclosed by the Dera insiders on Ram Rahim and Honeypreet's relationship. The sources inside the Dera,as reported by a website, say that Honepreet was raped by Ram Rahim like the two sadhvis, who quit the Dera and complained against against the fraud baba.

Honeypreet came out of Ram Rahim's private chamber weping inconsolably and went to see his grandfather who was the cashier in the Dera. When they objected, the goons of baba silenced them.

Then Honeypreet smartly took the defeat in her stride. She started blackmailing the baba and wanted to have a secret son with Ram Rahim, who woul be the heir of the sect. But all plans went astray when Vishwas Gupta planned to divorce Honeypreet as he came to know about the illicit relationship about the baba and his wife. In fact Ram Rahim made Honeypreet marry Vishwas as they thought that the child woul be born as Vishwas as his legal father.