Ramayana in Urdu spreading camaraderie between two communities

New Delhi, Oct 18: In what may be called a very 'heart touching gesture, an Urdu version of the Ramayana has been building camaraderie and spreading love between the two communities like nothing else. 

As reported in a leading website, the Urdu version of the Ramayana, which was composed 80 years ago and which also bagged a gold medal by Banaras Hindu University, is building bonds of goodwill in western Rajasthan’s Bikaner district. This Urdu version of the most sacred epic of Hindus, the Ramayana, was composed in 1935 by Maulana Badshah Hussain Khan Rana ‘Lakhnavi'.  The legend has it that a poet by the nam of Rana from Jaipur visited Bikaner in 1914 on the invitation of Maharaja Ganga Singh,

He was employed as the head maulvi at Doongar college. Many Urdu lovers came to learn'shayari' from him and one among them was a jail superintenent who was a Kashmiri panit. He requested Rana to compose the Ramayana in Urdu. Rana promised to o so, but only if the story of Ramayana inspired him. An then, as th legend goes, he composed the epic and then, the rest, they say, is history.

Rana’s student sent the Ramayana to BHU and it was awarded the gold medal.