Ramdev meets Lalu, blesses groom Tej Pratap, bride Aishwarya

Patna, May 12: Yoga guru Ramdev today congratulated RJD chief Lalu Prasad on his son's marriage and blessed the groom Tej Pratap Yadav by tying a sacred thread around his neck to cast off evil eyes.

Later, he also blessed Aishwarya Rai, the bride.

Ramdev met Lalu at the 10, Circular Road residence of Rabri Devi, where he also congratulated the RJD supremo on getting a six-week provisional bail from the Jharkhand High Court, besides advising him to practise yoga for good health.

The yoga guru also tied a "raksha sutra" (sacred thread) around Tej Pratap Yadav's neck, apparently to cast off evil eye, which was shared by the former Bihar health minister on the social media.

Emerging out of the residence, Ramdev told reporters, "I have blessed Tej Pratap for a happy married life. While I was with Lalu, he called up his would-be daughter-in-law, thanking her for the good luck she has brought on his family. I am now going to Aishwarya's house to bless the bride."

Replying to queries on Prasad's bail, which came a day after he was given parole for only three days, Ramdev said, "Lalu is not a criminal. He is a friendly man and an astute politician. He is seriously in need for medical help. I noticed that his face was swollen and learnt that he suffers from kidney problems."

The yoga guru, who had good relations with Prasad before it got soured on account of his perceived closeness to the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been in Bihar since Tuesday for holding training camps in districts such as Nalanda and Gaya.

"I congratulated him on getting six-week bail and advised him to regularly practise yoga to maintain good health. He asked me to send an instructor to supervise his exercises. I would do that," Ramdev said.

At the house of Aishwarya Rai, daughter of RJD MLA Chandrika Rai and grandchild of late Chief Minister Daroga Prasad Rai, Ramdev blessed the bride whose family members posed with the yoga guru for pictures.

"Lalu and Rabri have always been like a family to me. Now Chandrika Rai is like family too," Ramdev said.