Ramlila Maidan lathicharge: I can never forgive Sonia Gandhi, says Baba Ramdev

New Delhi (Vinamra Gupta for News24): Slamming Sonia Gandhi over the 2011 Ramlila Maidan police lathicharge, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday said he could never forgive Congress President for the "injustice".

"Sonia ji did injustice then. I can never forgive her. However, I won't curse her as I'm a samnyasi (saint)," said Ramdev during News24's political conclave "Mahamanch" organised at Taj Palace hotel in the national capital on Saturday.

Baba Ramdev was responding to a reporter's query about the midnight police crackdown.

Notably, Ramdev had tried to escape from the anti-corruption protest site in a woman's attire during the crackdown on the midnight of June 4-5, 2011. However, he was caught a couple of hours later outside the protest site wearing a white-coloured salwaar kameez.

During the conclave, Ramdev maintained that he had never held personal grudge against Sonia Gandhi.

"Several probes were held against Patanjali during Congress regime. Nothing was surfaced. Still, I don't hold personal grudge against Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi," he stated.

On being asked about Patanjali's multi-million business turnover, Ramdev claimed that the profits of Ayurveda company go to charity.

"The profits go to charity. I don't even have a single rupee bank balance," pointed out Ramdev, challenging Congress to hold any probe against him.

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